Poor use of Google My Business harms local businesses whether small or big

Google My Business is crucial for the success of your local S.E.O. strategy but even the most experienced agencies either don’t use it properly or overuse it. Balance is the key.

Google My Business has a real world like approach for business listings and just like the real world, all listings have a reputation. A well managed listing can get good amount of business from Google’s traffic. Follow these 4 simple steps to get more business from Google.


Verify your listing and post updates for your fans and customers.

Upload Picture

Regularly upload pictures of your business. Don't use stock images.

Post updates

Post regular updates, events, and offers for your customers and prospects

Add Products

Add your products/services which can get your listings more views.

Google My Business system has its flaws but being inconsiderate to business owners is not one of them. Google has a robust system of customer support in place which works very well even though they receive enormous number of complaints and requests. A lot of times, Businesses end up creating problems for themselves, consciously or unconsciously, and worsen the situation by following the advice of unqualified SEOs. If you want to keep your Google listing healthy, just follow these 3 simple rules ALL THE TIME.

Duplicate Listing

Never create more than 1 listing with same address, phone number, or website address.

Bought reviews

Purchasing reviews is against Google Maps policies and your listing will get suspended.

Keywords In Name

Don't add keywords in your listing's name/title. It's one of the biggest cause of suspension in GMB.

Local S.E.O. is not same as doing S.E.O. on a smaller scale. You need Local S.E.Os to do

Local S.E.O. requires dedicated people to take care of your online reputation and enhance it everyday. Google My Business is a big part of Local S.E.O. but there are many more areas to conquer. Whether you area a small business with just 1 office, store, shop or a corporate with presence all over the country, Local S.E.O. must have a dedicated part in your marketing budget and efforts.

Want to grow on G.M.B.?