Do You Want To Make More Sales?

Of course, you want more sales. Who doesn’t want to make more money, a brand and be successful?

But the real question is how do you make more sales?

Indian business scenario changed a lot in last 10 years.

10 years ago, when I started working in online advertising, there were very few tools for small and medium businesses. And this was the scene in the global market. The Indian market was not prepared for the online mode of local purchases. There were no affordable ways to promote your website, create your brand, access a payment gateway, ship the product and track everything. Consumers were also very hesitant at that time.

So I headed to western market and worked for many businesses across US, UK, Europe, and UAE. I worked for businesses that I even didn’t know existed before. I worked in about 9 languages excluding English and Hindi. I made friends there and earned experience. I saw the market strategies changing 180 degrees. I witnessed the rise of social media and how Google launched tools to focus on increasing people’s interaction. I kept changing my techniques and tools to keep generating results all these years.

I will give you some time to watch these three videos with tips about the marketing of small and medium businesses.

So, the question is not IF going online will help your business… It is whether you want to make your business successful.

When we take a client, we start studying its problems, weaknesses and where it lacks. If you are an old business, we take your previous business data and analyze it to find the bottlenecks and how to avoid them. If you are a new business, we will research about your market and come up with the methods to boost its market share.

But we have a weakness. We work fast! We work very fast to give you results and we expect you to follow our recommendations and instructions to overhaul your business.

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