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May 2023 SEO News Recap – SEO Last Month May 2023


Your monthly SEO News dose

In this series, we cover the latest SEO news, views, and updates from the past month. This not only keeps you updated with the ongoing changes in the SEO world, but also provides you with a timeline to track and understand the developments in the industry.

April 6th – Google Removes Four Attribution Models from Google Ads and GA4

Google announced the removal of First click, Linear, Time decay, and Position-based attribution models from Google Ads and GA4. These models will be removed from GA4 in May and from Google Ads in June. Last click, Data-driven, and External attribution will remain. (Source: Google Support)

April 6th – Twitter Announces Reduced Ads for Blue Tick Users

Twitter announced that users who subscribe to Twitter Blue for $8/month will see 50% fewer ads on their Home feed and Following feed. Other ad placements will remain the same. (Source: Twitter Help Center)

April 10th – Google Launches Update Page for BARD

Google created a status page for updates and changes to BARD, including increased coding and math-related functions and more related topic articles. (Source: Google BARD)

April 11th – Google Publishes 2022 Webspam Report

Google released its annual Webspam Report, highlighting efforts to combat spam on the internet and in search results. SpamBrain detected five times more spam compared to the previous year. (Source: Google Developers Blog)

April 12th – Google Rolls Out Product Review Update

Google announced a major update to product reviews, now applying to services, businesses, destinations, movies, games, and more. Follow Google’s guidelines for unbiased, detailed reviews with original images and videos. (Source: Google Search Central on Twitter)

April 13th – Google Announces Changes to Video Thumbnails in Search Results

Google will now only display video thumbnails in search results when the video is the main content of the page. This change aims to discourage deceptive SEO tactics. (Source: Google Developers Blog)

April 14th – Instagram Launches Updates for Reel Creators

Instagram introduced new features for Reel creators, including a Trending Audio section, improved editing features, and new metrics for insights. Reel viewers can now also send gifts to creators. (Source: Facebook Newsroom)

April 16th – Google Reportedly Working on New AI Search Engine

New York Times reported that Google is developing a new AI-based search engine called MAGI. However, concrete information and official announcements are yet to be made. (Source: New York Times)

April 17th – Google to Display Shipping and Returns Information in Search Results

Google will now display shipping and return information with product listings in search results. Website owners must provide this information via schema data on their product pages or through their Merchant Center account. (Source: Google Developers Blog)

April 18th – Google Launches Reader Revenue Manager Tool

Google introduced a new tool called the Reader Revenue Manager, which enables you to monetize your website’s content within just five minutes. Your website visitors can now become subscribers and pay for a subscription. For a detailed guide on using this tool and setting it up, watch this video: source

April 18th – Google Search Console Adds Subscribed Content Report

Google Search Console has added a new report called “subscribed content” that provides information about your website’s subscribers. Source

April 18th – Instagram Users Can Add 5 Clickable Links in Bio

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram users can now add up to five clickable links in their bio, providing an option to showcase other social media links, website links, and promotional content. Source

Demo of the function where a creator can add up to 5 links to their instagram bio

April 19th – Page Experience Report Removed from Google Search Console

Google announced that the Page Experience report would be removed from Google Search Console, but contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that page experience is no longer a ranking signal. Instead, it has become a part of the Helpful Content System. To understand the Helpful Content System, watch this video: source

April 20th – Google Introduces New Crawling Bot for Internal Use – GoogleOther

Gary Illyes from Google shared on LinkedIn that Google has introduced a new crawling bot called “GoogleOther” for internal use. The bot has similar features to Google’s regular bot, crawls from the same IP addresses, and follows the same rules. Source

April 21st: Twitter Blue Subscription Required to Run Ads on Twitter

Matt Navarra reported that starting now, you must subscribe to Twitter Blue to run ads on Twitter. Matt covers news and updates related to social media. Source

That’s all for this month’s SEO news roundup. If we missed anything, please let us know in the comment section, tweet us (@teamamittiwari), or email us at ytcomments@amittiwari.net.

Stay tuned for new month’s news!

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