SEO Last Month October 2020 | Updates From Google, LinkedIn, and Bing

SEO Last Month October 2020 | Latest Updates From Google, LinkedIn, Bing, and Facebook Join Facebook Group:… 0:00 Introduction 0:28 3 Features in LinkedIn Pages 1:04 Fewer keywords in Google Ads report 1:44 Profile targeting in LinkedIn 2:10 Microsoft Bing launched robots.txt tester 3:10 Google News check with fact-checking websites thanks to BERT 3:57 New health & safety attributes section in Google My Business 4:45 Facebook Business Suite launched 5:32 Some websites will be crawled in HTTP2 6:52 Google will support shippingdetails of product schema data 7:20 Google Guarantee launched in Europe 8:22 Free product listings launched worldwide

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2 September – 3 New Features in LinkedIn Pages –… 4th September – New Profile Targeting Option in LinkedIn –… 4th September – Microsoft Bing Launches Own robots.txt tester –… 10th September – Google is Verifying News With Fact-Checking Sites Thanks to BERT –… 17th September – Facebook’s New Facebook Business Suite combines Instagram & Facebook Pages –… 17th September – Google to Start Crawling “Some Sites” on HTTP2 From Mid November –… 22nd September – Google Now Supports ShippingDetails Schema Data –… 30th September – Google Launched Google Guarantee Program in Europe –… 30th September – Google Launched Free Product Listings Worldwide –… ————————————- ———————-

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