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Speed Up Your WordPress Website Using Flyingpress Plugin

Flyingpress settings

With over 60 million websites built on WordPress, site speed and performance continue to be a top priority.

WP Rocket has been the most prestigious of all performance plugins and even though it offers no trial or demo account, people including myself have been using it for years.

Cut to 2023 and there seems to be a new player in the town.

FlyingPress is a relative newcomer which was launched in 2019. It competes directly against the well-established WP Rocket, promising more features, better performance, and cleaner dashboard.

WordPress’s performance plugins offer several options that may or may not suit all websites.

But in this article I will dive into all settings of FlyingPress and provide the best settings for all websites. 

While WP Rocket has long been a go-to choice, FlyingPress is promising more options and better performance. 

Follow this article and the video closely and get the best result from your FlyingPress subscription.


  • Purge pages: Removes HTML pages from cache.
  • Preload cache: Rewrites cached pages without removing them
  • Purge pages and preload: Removes and writes cached pages.
  • Purge everything and preload: Removes all types of pages and writes cache
Dashboard setting


  • Cache logged in users: Off – Turn it on
  • Scheduled preload: Never 
Cache setting


  • Minify CSS: On – Turn off if you are using this option in Cloudflare or any other CDN.
  • Remove unused CSS: On 
  • Load unused CSS: Remove
Css setting


  • Minify JavaScript: On – Turn off if you are using this option in Cloudflare or any other CDN.
  • Preload links: Off – Turn it on only if you are using a dedicated server
  • Defer JavaScript: On 
  • Defer inline: On 
  • Delay JavaScript: Delay all 
Js setting


  • Optimize Google Fonts: On
  • Display fallback fonts: On 
Font setting


  • Lazy load images: On 
  • Exclude above the fold images: 2
  • Add responsive images using FlyingCDN: Won’t be available if you are not using FlyingCDN
  • Add missing width and height: On 
  • Preload critical images: On 
Images setting


  • Lazy load iFrames: On – iFrames like embedded YouTube videos and Google Maps will only be load when they’re near the viewport, then excluded when they’re in the viewport.
  • Use placeholder image for YouTube iFrames:  On – replaces YouTube iFrames with a preview image and self-hosts YouTube placeholder images to prevent external requests to i.ytimg.com. This also means YouTube thumbnails can be cached and served from a CDN.
Iframe setting


  • Remove Google Fonts: Off – Disable Google Fonts if switching to system/custom fonts, otherwise removes completely.
  • Disable XML-RPC: On
  • Disable RSS feed: Off – Switch on if your website is for business who don’t rely on feed.
  • Disable Block editor CSS: Off – Turn it on if you are using elementor or any other builder.
  • Disable oEmbeds: On
  • Disable Emojis: On 
  • Disable WP Cron: Off 
  • Disable jQuery Migrate: Off – Turn it on if you are not using elementor or any builder
  • Disable Dashicons: On
  • Control Post Revisions: 5 or 10
  • Control Heartbeat: Enable only while editing posts
If using Elementor or Any Such Builder Plugin
Bloat elementor setting
If Using Gutenberg
Bloat setting


  • Automatic Cleaning: Weekly
  • Post revisions: On
  • Post Auto Drafts: Off
  • Trashed Posts: On
  • Spam Comments: On
  • Trashed Comments: On
  • Expired Transients: On
  • All Transients: On
  • Optimize Tables: On
Database setting

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