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In this article, we’ll look at recent updates to Google Search, Google Ads, and Bing. We will investigate the various changes and patterns that are occurring within these major search engines.

Announcement Update On : 2nd January 2024

Meta Link History Update in Meta

Meta recently updated its “Link History” feature, allowing users to access all of their searched links on Facebook from only one spot, increasing convenience and efficiency. This feature is turned on automatically for all Facebook accounts. For comprehensive details, Visit to the Official announcement by Meta.

Announcement Update On : 4th January 2024

Google Block Third Party Cookies

Google Chrome has started blocking third-party cookies for 1% of users. Google randomly selects people for testing. If your web or mobile browser no longer uses third-party cookies, you will receive a notification. For more information, Visit official Notification

Third party cookies notification

Announcement Update On : 8th January 2024

Removed Control Crawl Rates From Google Search Console

Google removed the option to manage websites’ crawl rates from Google Search Console. This feature’s removal was announced on November 24, 2023. As of January 8, 2024, the tool was completely banned and no longer available for use. You can also refer to the official notice for more information.

Announcement Update On: 9th January 2024

Websites made with Google business profile will be turned off

Google has big news about Google My Business! Starting in March, all business.site websites will no longer work. When people try to visit your website, they will be directed to your Google My Business page. If someone visits your website after June 10th, they will receive a “404 error.” This is because after that date, Google no longer supports business.site websites. It’s as if Google wants everyone to focus on using Google My Business. You can get official notices by visiting the official website.

Announcement Update On: 11th January 2024

Announce New Feature in YouTube

Mr. Liaison Rene Ritchi has announced a new feature for YouTube, introducing the following updates:

  1. Live Stream Session Statistics: This feature is now available to all YouTubers, allowing them and their moderators to view detailed statistics from live stream sessions. You can see this tweet for official notification.
Live stream session statistics
  1. Podcast Integration: This update, aimed at YouTubers who run podcasts on their channels, allows them to upload previous podcast audio files. YouTubers can easily share their podcast content on YouTube by using the “RSS feed URL” provided by platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, WordPress, and others. A comprehensive step-by-step guide video is available for reference.
Podcast integration
  1. Short Video Creation: YouTube has added another exciting feature that allows users to make multiple short videos from their existing video content. A comprehensive step-by-step guide video is available for reference.
Short video creation

Announcement Update On: 15th January 2024

Microsoft launch pro version of AI

Microsoft has launched a professional version of its AI assistant, Copilot, for a monthly fee of $20. Each AI tool in this suite, including ChatGPT Pro, Perplexity AI Pro, and Claude.ai Pro, has unique features designed to improve the user experience:

  1. Cross-Device Synchronization: Copilot uses your Microsoft account data to display results on other devices where you are logged in, ensuring a consistent experience through cross-device synchronization.
  1. Wide Application Compatibility: Copilot is useful in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, whether you’re using a computer, Mac, or an iPad. Copilot will be available to help you wherever you are.
  1. Early Access to New Models: You will be the first to get access to whatever GPt lunch new models come in the future.
  1. Image Creation: Copilot’s fast version allows you to create up to 100 images per day, streamlining visual content creation.
  1. Custom AI Creation: You can create your own GPT for a particular topic or task, Microsoft has named it CopilotGPT.

You can get official notices by visiting the official website

Copilot gpt

Announcement Update On: 17th January 2024

Google recently introduced two innovative AI-based search features:

  1. Circle to Search: Now, you can learn more about anything on your screen by drawing a circle around it. Google will then give you extra info and details about what you circled.
  2. Better Picture Searches: If you like taking pictures to find stuff, now you can make your searches even better. Just snap a picture with your phone, add some words about it, and Google will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can get official notices by visiting the official website.
Ai new feature- circle to search

Announcement Update On: 17th January 2024

Changes only for European users

Google announced some changes for European users. These changes are being made to comply with the European Union’s DMA, digital markets act.

  1. Say “I Agree” for More Things: If you are in the EU, you may notice some additional boxes to click “I agree.” This applies to Google services such as search and maps on Android. They just want to make sure you are okay with it.
  1. See More Comparison Websites: Now, when you search for something, you’ll see more websites that compare it. It’s like having more options for trying out different services before making a decision.
  1. Pick Your Search Engine: If you use Google on your phone or computer, you will soon see a screen asking if you want to use another search engine. You can select the one you prefer. It’s all about giving you more options!

Announcement Update On: 19th January 2024

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn launched a new advertising product called Sponsored Content. Whenever a Company Page publishes an article, it can promote it as a sponsored article. This type of paid promotion can be used to increase brand awareness and reach. For more information, You Can visit this website

Linkedin sponsored content

 Announcement Update On: 23rd January 2024

Google Ads launch conversational mode in US and UK

Google Ads now includes a feature called Conversational Mode, which is currently only available in the United Kingdom and the United States. Conversational Mode allows you to complete tasks using Google Ads. This includes things like researching keywords, creating sitelinks, creating images, and writing headlines and descriptions. For more information, please visit the Official Website.

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