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What Can We Do For You?

Why do “Haldirams” stores always have customers and yet you struggle to find nice paying customers? You have a good product but you don’t know how to market it to make a good profit? Your business was successful until recent time but now your competition has taken over!

We can help you solve these issues. After working for clients in USA, UK, Australia, and UAE for 9 years, I and my team have started working for our very own Indian market. While the popular belief is that foreign countries spend a lot on advertising, we actually know how they spend the minimum budget and still create successful businesses. We give marketing and advertising solution for small and medium Indian businesses. You DO NOT need too much money to advertise but you will need a lot of energy and willpower to work with us. If you “really” want to be successful, let’s talk!

Do You Want To Kow Why Are You Struggling With Your Business?

Classified Websites Don’t Work!

Classified websites, where you pay 15,000 to 50,000 rupees per year, are NOT working for you. Their customers are buyers. They take your money to make their website better and faster so that they can serve the buyer better. What do you get out of this?

Do you really have a website?

You have a website that “someone” made for 5,000 rupees? It’s actually harming your business. Do you know that more than 75% people search for local business/service from mobile and over 85% businesses’ website don’t work properly on mobile?

DOs And DON’Ts Of Social Media

Social media marketing is exactly opposite of internet market. Not all businesses can benefit from FaceBook. Do you know that Pinterest can boost sales of your new brand of clothing by 450%? Do you know that by correctly naming your social media profiles, you can increase your sales by 300%?

Make More Sales On Amazon

Amazon is not like Google or Facebook. Google gives answers, Facebook reminds about birthdays but Amazon is the only place where people go to buy everything. It is easy to sell on Amazon with the right strategy and timing. If you have the right product, we have the strategy to boost your sales by 350%.