We only work for Indian small and medium businesses. We have specialized our methods to use exact same technology and strategies that are used by big companies with the budget of crores of rupees in an affordable way. We don’t just create websites, if that’s what you need then we’re not the right company for you. We create complete business advertising models and manage them for long period of time to keep giving you results.

Video Production (TV & Web)

Video production is something that lured me into marketing. I love creating videos and I have been doing this professionally for 11 years now. We have a team of creative and technical people to not just shoot great videos but also handle post-production work afterward.

It may seem like one and the same thing but TV and web advertisements are very different in nature and technical requirements. We have experience of running youtube campaigns, youtube TV campaigns, TV advertisements in India and USA.

A great advertisement is not just shooting a nice video and editing it professionally. The soul of any moving picture is its script. We take great care in creating a story that captures your message and conveys it to the audience.

Please use any of the contact forms on this website to get in touch with us about creating your video advertisements.

Website/E-commerce/GMB Profile

As I have explained here, It is crucial to make a website that promotes and presents your business instead of your competitor. Even our most basic websites will have a responsive design, clear path for the customer to follow, proper call to action which tells the user what to do. We create websites that are secure for you and your viewers.

Apart from normal websites, we create E-commerce websites that are fully featured but very easy to operate afterward. You will need minimum technical knowledge to operate your brand new e-commerce website and we provide basic training to you or your staff. We can also provide backend staff to handle the complete day-to-day operation of your e-commerce website and you will just receive details of orders.

Google My Business is a less used feature that is even more important to small & medium businesses than their website. Let me show you what is a google my business listing, in case you are not sure.

advertising for small and medium businesses


These 3 listings are free to appear and they take most of the real business searches and if you’re serious about making a profit from your online presence then this must be at the top of your priority list.

Social Media Profile

It’s very easy to create a facebook, twitter, or Instagram profiles for personal use but no one will take your business seriously if your business social media profile looks like a school kid’s account.

Each social media platform has own set of rules for posts, images and so on. For example, youtube’s cover image must be 2560 x 1440 pixels in size but twitter accepts 1500 X 500 pixels image for cover art.

Your profile must look flawless on desktop, mobile and tablet computers. We can recommend you which social media profiles will benefit most and we will create your social media profiles the right way.

Nowadays, social media profiles are the best way to establish the credibility of your business/brand.

Online Advertisement Campaign
Management on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Advertising is the core business, the lifeblood, of all these social media and search engine companies. That’s how they make money.

They hire the army of the best software engineers in the world to create smart advertising platforms, They have the most sophisticated user interface that can give you best leads and a ton of customers for a fraction of the TV or newspaper advertisement cost but you have to be very experienced at running these campaigns.

We have been handling campaigns on these platforms for 8 years and we know tricks to minimize the budget and maximize the effects.